Care tips for all handmade rugs

Beware of detergents! Your carpet has been made from natural fibers such as wool, cotton or silk, therefore never use detergent products to clean your carpet, otherwise it will be damaged by chemicals, which would be a shame…

Using the vacuum cleaner: You can completely vacuum your carpet. Nevertheless it is a question of being careful especially when you vacuum the ends of the carpet which is often composed of fringes (main characteristic of handmade carpets). A tip, vacuum but do not insist too much on the fringes which can be weakened. It is important to take care of the fringes of a rug because they allow the maintenance of a handmade rug, in fact they are the ones that hold the knots. In addition, the fringes bring a stylistic touch to each carpet.

What happens if the carpet fringes are damaged?

If the fringes of your rug are damaged, there is a strong risk that your rug will deteriorate over time. Indeed, if the knots of your carpet relax, little by little it will create a hole. So take good care of the fringes of your carpet to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

What is the lifespan of a rug?

It depends on the model of the carpet and its use. There are very thin mats that are therefore necessarily more fragile and can be worn out more quickly. After all is relative, there are rugs that keep very well. For example, did you know that the oldest carpet in the world dates from -328 to 200 BC? For those who are interested, it is the Pazyryk carpet, discovered by Sergei Roudenko in 1949 in the tomb of a Scythian prince located in the Pazyryk valley, in Siberia. In concrete terms, the carpet has been preserved for 2000 years… In other words, we have broken a record in terms of conservation…
More seriously, your rug is a real life companion, it can accompany you for several decades. Of course, to keep a beautiful rug, you have to give it a lot of love, maintain it and keep it away from anything that can harm it. That’s good, that’s our next point :)!

What are the worst enemies of carpets?

    • Moths, mice, stiletto heels, the legs of heavy furniture that cause holes, tears, crushing. If your carpet has not undergone an anti-moth treatment, cover it, at the end of spring, with naphthalized paper.
    • Moisture that quickly rots wefts and velvet. Please note that this may simply come from a flowerpot placed on the carpet without a waterproof protective saucer.
    • Too much exposure to the sun which leads to discoloration of the exposed parts.
    • The pees of dogs or cats whose acid attacks the weft.
    • Cigarette burns or pieces of glowing embers jumping out of a wood-burning fireplace (place a firewall if your carpet is near a fireplace).
    • Dust, sand in particular, which gets stuck between the knots of the pile and causes them to wear by chafing, hence the need to periodically turn the carpet upside down to knock out all the dust particles embedded deep in the carpet.
    • Stains: If you spill coffee or alcohol on your carpet, before mopping up, you must use a tablespoon that you use as a spatula to recover as much of the spilled liquid as possible. Only then you sponge and rinse with cold water then dry with a paper towel, dabbing lightly.

    I have a stain on my carpet, what should I do?

    We are never safe from a task… but don’t panic, there are always solutions! If you do stain your carpet, the most important thing is to act quickly. Indeed, if you wait too long, the stain may become deeply embedded and will reduce the chances of recovering your mat to 100%. Depending on the type of task, several actions are recommended:

    • If it is a stain from a food product, simply pick up the excess that has been spilled on the mat and then absorb the liquid (oil, sauce, etc.) with a cloth or paper. absorbent. Warning ! It is important not to rub the stain at the risk that it spreads and becomes encrusted on the carpet. Once absorbed, use Marseille soap to apply directly to the stain. At this time, you can rub with a damp cloth until the stain disappears.
    • If it is a stain from a liquid (water, wine, coke, etc.), we advise you first to scrape off the liquid using a tablespoon and a a bowl. Then perform the same process as for stains from food products.

    Professional cleaning : Some stains may persist and require the action of a professional. Generally we recommend carrying out this type of cleaning every 4 to 5 years. The cleaning is decided according to the location of the carpet and the passage that is made on it. For example, if your carpet is at the entrance of your house, inevitably there will be more passage on it than on the carpet which is at the bottom of your bed. Logically the entrance mat will require more regular cleaning. Note that all the carpets in your home will sooner or later require professional cleaning. This will only be beneficial since this cleaning will revive the shine of your carpets. For an occasional cleaning of your carpet, do not hesitate to contact us!

    Benefit from a free cleaning or repair estimate: 100% of handmade rugs are repairable and cleanable, so we are at your disposal to offer you cleaning or repair estimates. For any quote request, do not hesitate to contact us by email at this address: and above all don’t forget to send us photos so that we can establish a suitable quote.